Single Dating Party Ukraine


– Did you always want to visit Ukraine and meet the most beautiful and family-oriented women? 

– Don’t you want to waste time writing letters? Would you like to meet real and serious women in person? 
– You don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you want to get the best service? 
Then we are ready to realize your dream!!
We invite you to visit Ukraine and its beautiful city Kiev
With all our soul we invite you to spend an unforgettable weekend in Kyiv – not only to feel the Ukrainian culture but also to meet and chat with intelligent and beautiful Ukrainian women. During the dating party, you will have the opportunity to interact with all guests in an open atmosphere and, perhaps, after that, you will give your soul to one of the ladies. 
What is the feature of our event: 
– You are able to meet many women in a short time 
– You don’t need to spend time on correspondence and phone calls 
– You don’t need to think about where and how to invite women – the party is held at the restaurant 
– We offer you two parties, at every party different women are invited 
– Our unique format and the right selection of guests leads to the fact that 20-25% of men find their life partner 
– You get the contacts of all women who were at the party. All the ladies receive your contacts. So you will be able to communicate directly after your return home 
– during the parties agency’s officials are interviewing women for knowing who they are interested in. So you get a list of those ladies who wanted to chat with you 
How it happens: 
– before a trip, you send us your wishes, what exact women you would like to meet during the party in Kyiv. You write to us about what kind of woman you would like to see next to you 
– We show your profile to the women, who you choose, and at the same time, we show your profile to the other ladies who would be appropriate from our point of view. The agency provides an analysis of what exact women from Kyiv fit your ideas and can make a perfect match. And only these ladies will be invited to the party 
– all the women who participate in the parties are clients of our agency, which means they completed a questionnaire and provided a copy of the passport 
The advantages of this format: 
– to meet personally many beautiful Ukrainian women quickly and without obligation 
– not to spend time on correspondence and phone calls 
– only real women who are seriously interested in creating a long-term relationship 
– no problems with visa, as Ukraine is a visa-free country 
– 24-hour professional support in Kiev 
– free translation services during the parties to facilitate communication with the ladies 
– Airbag – 100% guarantee that if nobody from the ladies has affected your heart during the party, we arrange individual meetings (only during the dates of the tour) 
– participation in the seminar “Ukrainian woman: who is it?”. During the workshop, you will receive the necessary information about how correctly to communicate correctly with Ukrainian women 
– a chance to meet a perfect companion, the appearance of which immediately didn’t strike your eye 
– acquaintance with the Ukrainian culture, traditions, and mentality 
– accommodation at the hotel 
– flight tickets to Kyiv and back 
– transfer from the hotel to the airport 
– meals (except buffet during the parties)